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Ensuring harmonic development is a permanent desire of mankind. It is therefore vital to consider the different aspects that could have an impact on the sustainable development of countries both globally and transversally, avoiding sectorial or specific approaches.

Plataforma de Proyectos Sociales, S.L. (hereinafter “PdePS”) is a business project that deals with the basic social needs of countries by identifying and defining these needs and developing and implementing projects aimed at meeting them, in a professional and strict context.

PdePS has multi-disciplinary teams capable of responding to and solving the problems arising during the different phases of the projects, from the initial analysis of the situation to final acceptance by clients.

These professionals, who have in-depth knowledge of the specific sector, of the current problems in each country and of the international manufacturing markets, ensure the efficient, end result of each project.

This result is only possible through teamwork, sharing all of the skills that the projects demand and that, due to their nature, require diverse knowledge, experience and flexibility to respond to the issues arising from the development and implementation of the projects.

The participation of specialist technicians with many years of experience in each sector and in the different phases of development of the projects (consulting, design, logistics, implementation, financial-economic control) means that practical, proven solutions can be found that ensure the correct running of installations and equipment and the feasibility of the project in essential areas such as permanent quality control, costs and implementation times.

Guaranteeing that the investment made grows and remains sustainable over time is an aspect that PdePS believes essential not only to justify the efforts made but also to obtain the
social and economic profitability required of any basic social project.

Therefore, addressing training issues for users of the installations, their maintenance and the interaction of each project with other sectors are vital elements that PdePS considers when starting any project.

Having a solid structure to develop projects and fully control the costs of PdePS is an obsession of its founders in order to become more competitive and access any institution or organisation that may require its services.

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